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The title of this post says it all.

Months in the making, mainly because I went all out in trying to lay the foundation for the ultimate LARP website, here it is. The new home of our One World by Night Sabbat Chronicle!

I’ll be the first to say it…this site is far from perfect. However, it has all the foundation pieces to be something quite grand.

First, sign up with a CHARACTER account. Yes that’s correct. Use an email specific to your character. GMAIL accounts work best for this. Why? It’ll help simplify things later….trust me. If you have more than one character in the Chronicle, whether that’s because you have a few on the shelf or you just have had several characters over time, you don’t want all their communications getting messed up using the same email address, nor do you want older, now Dead PC posts showing up under your new PCs records.

Sure there are some things we can do to remedy this and make it so you can use a single email address, but after testing the site, believe me, you don’t want to do that. Not over the long haul. So do yourself a favor – get a new email address for each character. If you want, I can post instructions on how to use mail forwarding so all your email still gets collected under a single address in a special folder. I do it now myself using GMAIL – it’s actually easier than you might think.

So register, then start posting. It works like Facebook – someone creates a post, then others can comment on it.

For the Storytellers, we can create static content posts where no one can comment…or everyone can. We can create polls – and everyone can rate every post on the website. In fact, we’re counting on you rating the House Rules we post so we can get a good idea over time if you like a rule or not. Based on the feedback, we’ll review the House Rules with low ratings, create surveys of the players then even use those survey results to craft a new House Rule – all based on player input.

The next most exciting section will be the Sanctuary – the grand haven of the Sabbat in the Archdioceses of Decatur, IL. In there, we’ll have vivid descriptions, photos, “chat rooms” where live scenes can occur locked in a time period and so on. At least that’s how it will be planned – because the PCs progress in game on the structures will be reflected in the readiness of the website itself. The more the PCs finish, the more I’ll commit to complete so you can use those sites online as well as offline. There’s still lots of work to be done both in the game and in real life, but it will be worth it.

Best of all, this site will centralize our communications for the game. No more Facebook for IC posts. It should all happen right here, on location, all so you can look back at it later without a problem.

There’s even more to come. Private groups for packs, factions and clans. Private messages too. Public places for communal online scenes where anyone can join the Esbat anytime.

We’re leveraging all the power of social media to drive our game to even better play.

There are more plans on the horizon too. Downtime Forms. An Influence Engine to handle our influence administration. Event Calendars. Integrated Google Drive Library. Direct links to OWBN.org. Even online game check-in administration. It’s all there, just waiting for more elbow grease, spit, sweat, blood and polish.

We’re getting started, all to take this Chronicle to the next level and demonstrate how and why we’re the largest game in the area based on attendance. No one averages more players per game than Decatur, IL, Sabbat or Camarilla in the Midwest. Not Chicago, Cedar Falls, Iowa City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Bloomington, Springfield, Carbondale or Peoria, though the last is not all that far behind us on average. Decatur is the gem of OWBN Midwest when it comes to LARP player base.

Every one of you, our players, is what drove this staff to even venture down this path. Your support keeps our desire alive to do even more. In the end, we hope that this work empowers the everyone to do less admin and more storytelling….because all the dues will be paid in full and we’ll have a machine to help us handle all the paperwork efficiently, fairly and effectively for everyone, players and visitors alike.

And then there’s EC….. I can’t wait to have this thing ready. It’s only 5 months away.

Oh lord. It’s only 5 months away…..I’d better call the Technocracy and fast.

Ron Janik
AST, Decatur The Chaos Within


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