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This tutorial is meant to get you using the primary features of The Chaos Within’s website. Let’s start out by signing in and going into The Sanctuary. All the on-line roleplay starts there.

Entering The Sanctuary
You’ll notice that the entire Sanctuary and all it’s submenu areas, excluding the Chronicle News, works like Facebook with some small variances. The Sanctuary itself displays much like Facebook – with a status area at the top where you can post whatever updates, links, etc. that you want for all to see. It also displays any GROUP messages that you may have, all in one stream. Any time you see purple text, it’s a valid link. Clicking it will take you to a new page. When you hover over a link, it turns blue.

Using The Sanctuary and Understanding how to use Groups
Posting in the Sanctuary itself is like posting in the public on Facebook – anyone can see it. When you want to post more privately, like to your Pack, Clan, or some Faction group, you must go to the Group’s dedicated page. There, you’ll see the same type of Facebook-like interface, with a status box and the group-specific postings displayed below it.

For example, click My Sabbat Groups. For the group representing the Pack Effigy, there is a purple link. Clicking that link will take you to the dedicated Effigy Group page where you can read posts from pack members and post privately to those same pack members, limiting who can see what you’re posting to only the group.

Using the Sanctuary Menu to work with Groups and other Members
Clicking on the Sanctuary itself takes you to the public space where you can see all the posts. It’s like your News Feed in Facebook.

Underneath the Sanctuary, in the submenu, there are a few additional links that you can explore:
Chronicle News – this is a posting area for the STs to post in-game news. This will get used more and more as the STs start to get comfortable with the interface. This is good IC reading and is available to anyone. It’s like reading the newspaper or watching the nightly news. It could also represent the rumor mill that churns through the halls of the Sanctuary itself.
My Sabbat Groups – this page lists all the groups you are a member of and allows you to manage your memberships or view a specific group’s postings from its members. Think of it as a filtered Sanctuary page, specific to listing the groups in which you are a member. Clicking on a purple link representing a Group will take you to the Group’s dedicated page.
Groups: Packs, Clans, Bloodlines, Factions & Heresies – this lists all the available groups that exist that are Public or Private. Here is where you can also create new groups. You can also create hidden groups that are by invitation from the moderator only. These hidden groups will not appear in any list, unless you are already a member or the administrator of the hidden group. This way, coteries, heresies and STs can work in secret, yet its still a centralized part of the game.
Members - This is where you can view the current website IC members and click links to view profiles, send messages, etc. It’s your window to your “friends” and more.

Within there, you’ll see a link called Groups: Packs, Clans, Bloodlines, Factions & Heresies – click it. You’ll see next to the title GROUPS a blue button that says “Create Group.”

Click it, fill out the short form, click the create button and voila, you just became the admin for the new group.

Creating a Private Group
I recommend the following settings for creating Clans, Bloodlines, Factions and Packs:

Use mixed case for the group title: Assamite, not ASSAMITE or assamite. Be sure to enter a description, not matter how short, to give folks an idea what the group is about and its purpose. Click Create group and continue.
Create Packs, Clans, Bloodlines and Factions as PRIVATE groups. Under Group Invitations, be sure to select “all group members” can invite another individual to the private group. Click Next step.
You may upload an image to use for the group as an avatar. Be sure that the image is no larger than 150×150 pixels. If you’re not sure or don’t have an image, just click Next step.
Invite any of your friends to join the group. If they are not listed there, just message the members you want to invite later and tell them the Private group is available for them to request membership. I am going to work on a faster way to invite specific members, but until then, use the work around or invite them to be friends prior to creating the private group. Be sure to invite at least one Storyteller to the group so they can moderate scenes and stay in the know. Click Finish.

Joining and leaving a group
From the My Sabbat Groups page, you can Join, Leave or Request membership to groups. This also happens to be where you can manage your profile. Just click on the various tabs to view different sections and play around with why you can do.

As time allows, I’ll be adding more content to these areas.

Here is where you can view and manage lists of all the current members and your friends on the site. When you view this page, there are two tabs: All Members and Friends. You can invite any member to be your friend. The Friends tab simply filters the membership list to those whom you have asked and received permission to be a Friend. It works just like Facebook in that way.

For more information about how to use TCW’s website, I’ve gathered a few useful links to tutorial information about BuddyPress, the software which is used to drive this website. They are below.

About Groups and User Roles
How to create a Group
Working with My Sabbat Groups
Making Friends
Sending Private Messages


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