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Hello TCW! Your friendly neighborhood webmaster here…..

I spent some time researching ways to improve the site performance through my Host as well as using some tools within WordPress. The result is what I believe should be a faster, more enjoyable experience over time for everyone.

I significantly changed my Host Caching parameters, speeding things up significantly, and I reconfigured W3 Cache (a WordPress Plugin designed to speed up WordPress sites) with the Host’s recommended settings.

In the first 5 minutes, even I have noticed the difference and the more I navigate around, the faster it’s becoming.

So, go explore! The more you do, the faster this things gets! Game on!

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    March 3, 2014

    Website Administrator

    Hey folks – another update on the site speed. I finally tracked down the major culprit that was a resource hog and accounted for 95% of the load time being slow. It was of all things a punctuation plugin. Go figure. It was old and clunky, so I disabled it. This site is now clocking in at about 3 seconds load time on the top end. As the cache gets re-established, it should go even faster.

    Same rule still applies – the more everyone uses the site, the longer the cache lasts, and the faster the loading goes. When I am clocking 3 seconds with an empty cache, this thing should be very responsive once we get more traffic! So get to it!!! :-)

    Ron – your work-aholic Web Admin and AST

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    March 4, 2014

    Verbetor Veritum

    Thank you Ron for your time and Effort and Yes we can tell its quite a bit faster then what it was Thank you again Good Sir


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