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This is not a Merit; it is a background per Secrets of Blood Magic. No lore may be learned from your Library above the level of the Library itself. Storyteller discretion applies in all cases as to what specific Lores are available in the Library.

These Libraries contain Lore based information and Blood Magic information appropriate to the Library’s topic. The Library grants 1 bonus trait to any/all investigation attempts on topics appropriate to the Library. The Library also plays an important role in a Character’s progression in Blood Magic (if any is possessed) allowing for enhanced study (i.e. The Staff will make specific mention of the Character’s possession of an Occult Library to appropriate Sub/Coords when the Character is seeking advancement in Blood Magics).

  1. Avatar of Verbetor Veritum
    March 4, 2014

    Verbetor Veritum

    Could the Members of the Occult Underground Who have Been Helping Develop a Community Occult Library Be able to purchase this Background as a Faction Effort?

    • Avatar of Website Administrator
      March 24, 2014

      Website Administrator

      Another good question Travis. I am not against the idea of letting people contribute to the Library over time to build it up and make it cool. However, that is something the staff is going to have to give some thought on how to do.


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