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Herd is obtained through painstaking work and subtle manipulation of mortals from which a vampire feeds. This background can represent any group or demographic defined by the player with Storyteller approval of course, that defines a means by which the vampire can easily and safely acquire sustenance without significant threat or risk. For canny vampires, this is an easy way to sustain your powers when you need them most.

Several examples of the use of Herd are: mortal cultists that worship the vampire as the cult head or some sort of god-like being, groupies whom gravitate to the vampire craving a little dark excitement at the local nightclub, a local club of sex-crazed masochists, or a pen of kidnapped victims whom are sustained by the vampire with food and water solely for the purpose to be fed upon. No matter the definition, members of a Herd are vulnerable and should a vampire become careless, her adversaries mayuse it against her.

Each Trait of Herd can be used to gain one extra blood per session. Many players choose to have their characters use Herdimmediately upon entering the game to represent having previously fed, thus increasing the character’s blood pool to her starting Traits plus her Herd Traits for the evening (see When you Riseunder the Hunting section).

Any player may choose to take 10 minutes out of play to call upon a Herd she manages to gain a single Blood Trait. The player can split up Herd Traits if she wishes, so she may choose to use some Herd Traits to start with extra blood then use more later to replace spent vitae.

Members of a character’s herd (assuming it is composed of people and not plastic bags) are not necessarily competent or loyal, they simply let the vampire feed from them without trouble. A character must have Allies or Retainers if she want members of her Herd to do other tasks for her.

Example: Xavier, a 10th generation Lasombra, has Herd × 3. The player, Paul, ties on his Blood Test as he enters play. He starts with half his blood pool (rounded up), or seven Blood Traits. Paul decides to expend Herd × 1 to gain one additional Blood Trait before play, placing him at 8 Blood Traits. Later, after a particularly strenuous battle, he is in desperate need of sustenance, so the player marks off another Herd times two and spends 20 minutes out of play. Xavier returns with two extra blood traits.

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