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Havens and Haven Security

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Havens are defined by two aspects: The structure itself and its corresponding security. Buying the Haven background indicates constructing or adding additional rooms, buying a larger structure/home, and adding amenities. This is done outside of the use of Resources and represents a self-sustaining facility without the use of Resources to maintain the structure. Purchasing this Background will even allow the structure to be completely rebuilt without the expenditure of influence, resources, etc. normally required. The purchasing PC must have the appropriate level of Resources to purchase the same level of Haven at initial purchase. See Haven Specification Chart below.

Any PC may purchase a Haven using resources, cash or other means as normal, but should that haven be compromised, it will require additional investments to re-establish, relocate, etc. With the Haven background, once it’s purchased, it cannot be lost. It is recommended that every PC purchase this background at least once.

Haven Security

Haven security represents structures, objects, surveillance, and other inanimate security measures. Ghouls, hell hounds, etc….are represented by retainers and other backgrounds.

When constructing security for a haven, the highest trait value of one PC in the pack will be the base security level of the haven (i.e.Mental Trait+Security Ability/Specialization+Haven Security = Total defense).

Haven Specifications (Purchased Separately)
Traits Haven Size Haven Security Quality
1 2,000 sq ft +1 Defense Level / +1 Lethal Damage
2 4,000 sq ft +2 Defense Level / +2 Lethal Damage
3 6,000 sq ft +3 Defense Level / +3 Lethal Damage
4 8,000 sq ft +4 Defense Level / +4 Lethal Damage
5 10,000 sq ft +5 Defense Level / +5 Lethal Damage

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