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Fame represents the pull you have over your Allies, Contacts, Influences, Resources and Retainers, thus allowing you to exercise these Backgrounds over longer distances than usual. With Fame, you may make a few additional phone calls or sweeten the pot with incentives and you can extend the reach you or another have when using Backgrounds. You do not have to have Fame toget things done within your own city or territory, but it helps when you want to reach beyond your own area to help another or get something done for yourself.

Your total Fame determines the maximum range for using your own Allies, Contacts, Influences and Retainers. Additionally, you may use your Fame to assist another in exerting her Backgrounds in those areas by “putting in a good word” on their behalf.

Fame Ranges
Fame Traits Maximum Range for Backgrounds
0 Your home city (where your haven is)
1 Another nearby City (within Chronicle jurisdiction)
2 Local Region (adjacent Chronicle jurisdictions)
3 Anywhere within the same State or Province
4 Adjacent States or Provinces
5 Entire country

Fame is most often used in the downtime between game sessions to facilitate long-range plans. When you make an effort to exert your Allies, Contacts, Influences, Resources or Retainers over a long range, you lean on your popularity, power or image, which expends your Fame Traits until the next game session.

To use Fame, first choose a single Influence action or Background action for those Fame Traits to apply then spend a number of Fame Traits equal to or more than the range desired. This will extend the range of that specific Background or Influence action only.

Additionally, you may use your own Fame to help another extend the use of their Backgrounds at the cost of 2 Traits for 1 (2-1) rounding up.

Example: Jenn, who has Fame x3 wanted to use her Fame to help Brian, whom has no Fame, buy a business in a city in a nearby Chronicle using Finance x3, Jenn would have to expend all three of her Fame Traits [3/2 =1.5, rounded up to 2] for the period in order to assist Brian with his Finance x3 Influence action for the purchase in another Chronicle’s city, thus effectively using Fame 2 on his behalf upon his Finance x3 action.

The Different Aspects of Fame

At the Storyteller’s discretion, Fame may dictate how recognizable a character, Asset, Resource or Retainer is to members of mundane society. To that end, there are several ways Fame can be represented: asset fame, personal fame, resource fame and retainer fame. Some examples are included below:

Asset Fame: Jenn, a Nosferatu neonate, owns several assets in the mortal world. Specifically she owns a Waste Disposal Company that carries away the city’s garbage in her home Chronicle as well as several recycling contractors that recycle metal, paper and other reusable waste materials. She acquired all of these using her Finance Influence and has worked them into profitable companies that generate stock dividend income for her (to the tune of Resources 4 each fortnight).

Over the course of the Chronicle, Jenn has continued to use her Resources, Finance Influence and Industry Influence (represented by her Waste Management Company’s interests) to grow her companies into neighboring cities (Fame 1),Neighboring Chronicles (Fame 2) and even across the State (Fame 3).

Further, Jenn has used the access to all of the personal and professional information that goes into the garbage every day to gather the names and addresses of several other individuals and groups, thus opening up other areas of Influence for her to expand her information network into a personal information empire of her own. She is able to use her statewide Asset Fame (the Waste Management Company) to help other members of her Clan extend their own reach, thus allowing them to function in other Chronicles and expand their information network as well, further fueling the growth of Nosferatu power in the region.

Personal Fame: Robert, a local rock band lead singer, was embraced after getting far too drunk and assaulting a woman outside the local strip club he was attending after one of his shows. How was he to know the woman he was trying to have sex with was a hungry vampire?

Robert was left to fend for himself and he managed fairly well. He found the adjustments to his lifestyle minimal at first, given he never seemed to see the light of day anyhow with his show schedule, and once his girlfriend had tasted his blood backstage after affectionately kissing a cut he had earned during a show, he found she helped support his every need and craved to sate herself by tasting his blood when they had sex. (Fame 1)

Robert’s skills with his singing improved dramatically over the next several fortnights, and an orgy after another state fair show resulted in his entire band becoming his thralls. (Fame 2)

Soon after, the band hit its stride and was rising rapidly popularity. The record companies were calling for recording contracts (Fame 3).

His power as a vampire and his youth in the night had carried him to stardom and it all came to a glorious crescendo (Fame 4). Then his Sire showed up and told him about a Masquerade.

Resource Fame: The PCs past life was that of the rich and famous. Think Paris Hilton, professional socialite, and you get the picture. She’s famous for no other reason than she is rich, and she uses her riches to sponsor and endorse perfume and clothing lines produced by larger corporations, thus maintaining her Fame. The Storyteller may make the effect of your Fame apparent and people may take notice of the PC at bothersome times. Being profiled on America’s most Wanted or spotted at a local Art Show during an Elysium gathering can do things for one’s reputation, both for good and ill. Papparazi suck after all.

Retainer Fame: The character is not famous, but she managed to snag a person possessing the Fame Background as a Retainer. In this case, the PC rides the coattails of her Retainer’s Fame, using her to get done what she needs.

Retainer Fame is considered rare and should be used carefully by Storytellers. It is the recommended method for Sabbat PCs to use when using Influence through Revenants, though individual caps on a single Revenant’s Fame should be considered (recommended 3 Traits). It is recommended that there be a cumulative Trait cap of 5 Traits on the Fame Background when considering the Fame of all the character’s Retainers. When a Retainer has Fame, the PC may use it at 1-1 as if the Fame were her own, but all the same rules still apply to its use.

Consequences of Fame

While Fame is used primarily to drive Background use mechanically within the larger scope of the game, Fame also has some potential negative consequences if improperly handled. Breaches in the Masquerade (or Silence of the Blood if you’re playing Sabbat) are always a threat, but the extra scrutiny Fame can place upon a PC makes it all the more likely that they are to be a target for others ire. Their visibility, regardless of the aspect (Asset, Personal, Resource or Retainer) makes unlife a little more difficult for the PC and she should be far more careful in her dealings with others. One slip of the fangs to the wrong person whom knows her by her Fame can spell for big trouble in later nights. Storytellers are recommended to keep this in mind as players use their PC’s Fame and watch for careless abuse of Fame, such that it may quickly become infamy, or worse, a significant threat to their PC’s existence.


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