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Experience Awards

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For Players

Players receive Experience points for participation in the game in a variety of ways. Summarized below are the Experience Awards that may be earned by a Player.

OWbN Experience Cap
Attending a Game

Site Fee
Site Donations
Food Point / Donation

For Storytellers, Admins and Other Volunteers

Chronicle and Organizational positions in which a person is more than just a player takes some extra effort and outside time for which we are grateful to these volunteers. Without these people, the chronicle would not be successful. As such, we have outlined the following XP awards to be given for their service. These awards will not allow a single character to accumulate more than 8xp in a month as set forth in the OwbN organizational bylaws.

TCW Head Storyteller
TCW Assistant Storyteller
TCW Narrator
TCW Council Member
OWbN Org Coordinator/Sub-Coordinator

As any member of OWbN may hold more than one volunteer position, these XP awards are cumulative based upon the service time provided. It is the only remuneration received for volunteering and has no cash value.
This XP may be placed upon any PC within the Chaos Within, or with HST permission, the XP may be applied to a PC based in another Chronicle on a case by case basis.
No Chronicle outside TCW is required to honor this XP award. Further, the award may only be garnered once per position held, regardless of which Chronicle any PC is based.


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