Decatur Sabbat Event: San Isidro Festival at FoGCon

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Friday May 30 and Saturday May 31, 2014 – FoGCon will be hosting The Chaos Within at the Pekin Avanti’s Dome in Pekin, IL.

FogCon runs Friday thru Sunday, and, of course, you can show up for the convention during the daylight hours and make it a entire weekend as there will be tons of gaming!

TCW will be running a special event: The San Isidro Festival! The event will run on Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm until Midnight each night.

Convention entry price for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) is $20.00
Convention Single-day price for 1 day will be $10.00.

The Sabbat are well-known for their guerilla tactics and fighting skills against the Tower. Now, it is time to show off your own skills! The Decatur Dioscese of the Sabbat is celebrating with their greatest fighters and beasts. The San Isidro Festival is an annual Spanish festival for bull fighters and bull breeders. So bring your most monstrous creations and weapons. Prove yourself worthy of Caine’s blood and boast of your skills.

Come on down and have some fun at the San Isidro Festival!

Jon Dunn


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