Local Soup Kitchen Owners Missing

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Decatur Journal Register
story published February 16, 2014
by Lucilla Browning

Reports from local residents state that a well-known soup kitchen, called the Cooking Kettle, has been closed after the disappearance of its husband and wife owners, Mark and Ruth Stein.

According to individuals within the soup kitchen and hostel, which catered to the growing population of homeless in Decatur, Mark and Ruth were last seen in the back kitchen doing what they’d do every night. Feed the homeless, hungry and poor.

Also noteworthy was two as yet to be identified individuals in the same establishment were found dead in the foyer nearest the front entrance to the Cooking Kettle. A family of four residing in the hostel recalls seeing two individuals talking to them earlier in the evening that night. “One even offered to close the door into the foyer so we would stay warmer,” a young boy of 12 said to reporters. He declined to share his name.

The Macon County Coroner has the corpses and no cause of death has yet to be announced, as their offices have been closed during this polar vortex that has lasted now for 6 weeks.


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