The Chaos Within

Background Supplement

A character’s Backgrounds define her ties with the world around her as well as reflect beneficial elements derived from both her mundane past and supernatural present. Each Background works on similar principles to one another, yet each defines something distinctly different.

All backgrounds are rated most commonly on a scale from one to five for PCs, while NPC elders and advanced PCs may ratings above five. In general, the more Traits a character possesses in a given Background, the more beneficial it is to her story. Some Backgrounds affect the character’s creation and development directly. Several others only come into play during the game.

One thing about Backgrounds is constant. When using them in play, there is always a cost, whether temporary or permanent. Mentors only have so much knowledge to share, Allies expect something in return for their assistance and even Fame has its limits to extending a vampire’s influence upon the mortal world. The costs associated with their use are detailed within each Background description and examples of their use are included for clarity.

  1. Retainers

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    Retainers are purchased using experience points (XP) on an individual basis. Each Retainer Background purchased represents 1 Mortal or Revenant in which the Regnant has...

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