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Character Regulations

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The following are game mechanics, rules, and policies followed by ‘the Chaos Within’. All players who sign into our game are expected to follow them and ask questions in a civilized manner.

Chronicle Creed

  • The Storytellers maintain the game.
  • Rules will come second to role play.
  • Storytellers may decide to mediate, suspend, or break the rules; it is within their power to do so and they will exercise that right as they see fit to enforce fair play, tell a good story and ensure that participants have fun.
  • Please hold any OOC challenges to a Storyteller’s application or interpretation of the rules until after game night wrap-up.

Allowed Source Materials

The following books are considered the allowed source material for ‘the Chaos Within’. Unless otherwise told by a Storyteller, assume that these are the only books you may use in this game:

  • Laws of the Night Revised
  • LotNR: Guide to the Sabbat Revised
  • LotNR: Guide to the Camarilla Revised
  • LotNR: Storyteller’s Guide Revised
  • LotNR: Dark Epics
  • Liber des Ghoules
  • Laws of Oblivion
  • Clan Books Revised: Assamite, Brujah, Followers of Set, Gangrel, Giovanni, Lasombra, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Toreador, Tremere, Tzimisce, Ventrue
  • Any Binding OWbN Genre Packets

Keep in mind that you may only use the books based upon the Sect / Creature type of your character. Other books may be allowed by Storytellers on a case by case basis. Do keep in mind that just because we use these books as source material does not mean that you can “buy” anything out of them that you want at every whim. In the end, the decision is still that of the Storyteller. Any released genre packets by OWbN override the information found in the printed White-Wolf sources.

Character Creation

We use standard character generation per Laws of the Night Revised and Laws of the Night: Sabbat Guide, with the following exceptions:


General Rules

All abilities are approved on a case by case basis.

Adding Abilities to Traits

  • Once an ability is expended for a retest, it is considered gone for the duration of the evening.
  • The permanent level of the appropriate ability is added to base traits for determining ties.


  • One specialization may be purchased per base ability with ST permission.?,li>
  • Two-Gun Mojo is considered a Firearms specialization. Similar two-weapon combat specializations may exist for other combat abilities per Storyteller discretion.
  • No player may start with a specialization in a skill without permission of an ST.


We ask that you provide us with a background for your PC within three game sessions of starting a character. Players may be awarded up to 30 points for a background story as well as an additional 30 ST Bonus Creation points, the latter applied to a new character as the Storyteller sees fit, though keeping in line with the background and concept.No PC shall exceed the organization standard of 60 carryover/background points at character creation. Please place your background in a Puppet Prince Journal.


If you cannot bother to learn a bit about your character’s disorder and role-play it appropriately, the Storytellers may feel free to dock you the experience and remove it from your sheet. Players must remember that derangements are serious, and can be terribly inconvenient at times. They are not just there to be played up when you’re bored.

Freebies/Flaws/Negative Traits/Abilities/Carryover Points

Abilities (like most all things) are purchased at the discretion of the Storyteller, but no ability can start higher than three prior to adding your clan advantage. Keep in mind that some of the restricted Merits and Flaws are not restricted due to their rare nature, but rather due to their difficulty to appropriately role-play.

Hobbies/Professions/Expert Abilities/Lore

Any player who speaks IC on any esoteric subject – the werewolves, changelings, mages, etc. without having the appropriate lore on their character sheet will be subject to disciplinary action. This will generally include a warning, then a strike, and, if the player is unwilling to correct their actions, being banned from the chronicle. The mystery surrounding such creatures is part of the spirit of the vampire genre, so let’s keep them mysterious!

If you have a situation where you learn certain things in-game and you wish to talk about the things you have learned in-character, do the responsible thing. Storytellers don’t let you know how to be the best marksmen in the world without buying firearms, so why do you think you should be a certified lore master without paying for that as well?

Merits/Flaws Rules

  • Merits and Flaws are subject to ST approval. The TCW HST may restrict or disallow any Merit or Flaw possessed by PCs from other chronicles so that the PCs conform to the TCW House Rules while in play in TCW.
  • TCW does not allow Merit Stacking (i.e. no “Natural Leader” AND “Enchanting Voice”). Only one merit is allowed to enhance or alter a single challenge and must be declared.
  • Tags must be worn and visible at all time for merits/flaws that should be apparent to other players. If you are unsure if your merit/flaw requires a tag, ask a Storyteller. Storytellers reserve the right to remove said merits/flaws and dock points if players either repeatedly do not wear a tag that is necessary or if they are not regularly role-playing the merit/flaw in question.

Paths of Enlightenment

All characters will start on Humanity regardless of Sect affiliations, or ST discretion. If your PC wishes to seek out another Morality path, you must role-play such a transition for a certain period of time (likely between six months to a year). One of the most interesting role-play dynamics in the World of Darkness is the decline/descent from humanity. We do not want our player base to miss out one of the most important role-play tools available to them.


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